07th September 2012, Liège



Crashworthiness, Safety, Simulation, High Stress Steel, Hybrid Materials, Plastic materials,

Road Infrastructure, Commercial vehicle design (Bus, Truck, Trailer…)



Safety and crashworthiness are key issues for the development of the sustainability of automobility. Facingthe challenge of the CO2reduction, the weight reduction of vehicles without compromising the safety calls among others for a better compatibility of lightweight and heavy vehicles,for anoptimization design of vehicles forincreased safety,and for higher standards in road safety infrastructures.Taking over these challenges requires the development of high level industrial tissue.


The workshops organized by AC-EMR 2012 in ‘Metallic Materials’ and in ‘Modeling & Simulation’ have identified a high potential in EUREGIO Meuse Rhine in this new developing market and a possible synergy between the different industrial and research actors with complementary competencies coming from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. In particular, the AC-EMR-2012 project has identified strong competencies in EUREGIO in roadsafety infrastructures, heavy and commercial vehicle crashworthiness, crash numerical modeling and simulation,usage of advanced materials (metallic and non-metallic ones), crash test and experiments…


Objective of the meeting

The Automotive Cluster of the EUREGIO Meuse Rhine is organizing a Deep Dive Session around the Crashworthiness andSafetydomaintogive the opportunity to industrials and researchcentresto matchtheir experiences and their needs in thisfield. The Deep Dive Session is open to companies and researchcentreswith the following competencies contributing to improve the safety and the crashworthiness performance. For instance, one can mention:



  • Vehicle design and manufacturing,
  • Heavy duty, commercial and industrial vehicles,
  • Use of advanced materials,
  • Design and simulation,
  • Testing of materials and vehicle crashworthiness,
  • Normalization and standards, certification,
  • Public operators of road infrastructure, operators of commercial fleet vehicles…



After an introduction presentation by the company GDTECH, attendees will participate to a round table discussion. Companies will be asked to briefly present (5 slides recommended) their company, their applicationsin the field of vehicleand/orcomponent design and the limitations and difficulties they are facing. The participants willalso beasked to mention and evaluatetheir intentionto initiate a EUREGIO network(NTI) in the field of crashworthiness and safety,andlater to shape aclusteror aconsolidated supply chain of complementary industrial partners in the domain of crashworthiness and safety. Future European projects in the field of safety and crashworthiness will be also investigated.